Spring 2017 may have started cold or lukewarm at best but Summer 2017 will be remembered as the Summer of TRAPJAW. On July 1st we invaded Drum Hard once again to warm you up for festival Season and furiously introduced our new Bandmate Kain on 2nd Guitar and our modified fretless Guitar. Once again our hometown's Audience was one of the most dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate ever. THANK YOU BIELEFELD / DRUM HARD!


And speaking about Festival Season: On July 15th we performed twice at this year’s open Air Metal Festival FEST EVIL Manrode!!!!. We replaced HOPELEZZ, who were unfortunately forced to cancel their gig and performed a second Set at the After Show.


But wait, there’s more. This Summer we will release our third official Album. The following rumors some of you may have heard or read about are true:

- Yes, our third Album will be released by a label this time: NECRO GENOCIDE RECORDS

- Yes, our third Album will contain a first appearance of a modified 7 String fretless Guitar and you can bet you can be excited for that!

- Yes, our third Album will contain several Bonus Live Songs and Videos!!! Join us to a trip to a cruel and remorseless WORLD OF JAWS! Stay tuned for more soon!